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2018 Community and Sustainability Annual Report


Letter from the CEO

NW Natural’s tagline “We Grew Up Here” means a lot to us.

Our company was founded on January 7, 1859, five weeks before Oregon became the union’s 33rd state, when the territorial government gave founders Herman C. Leonard and John Green a perpetual franchise to provide natural gas service.

Today, 160 years later, NW Natural serves two million people with 750,000 meters in Oregon and Southwest Washington, nearly 1,200 employees, and one of the most modern pipeline systems in the nation.

Our employees strive to deliver an affordable, efficient product to our customers, and to do so safely and with the highest level of service.

Our shareholder-funded Corporate Philanthropy Fund donates almost $1 million annually to organizations that support children and families in need, alongside our employee volunteers and the causes that matter most to them.

NW Natural’s legacy is also one of creating what’s next.

Over time, the company has been able to anticipate the challenges facing our communities and evolve to provide forward-thinking solutions for our customers.

We’ve led the industry by introducing innovative programs. In 2002 we adopted rate decoupling, meaning the company would not have a profit incentive for customers to use more energy. In 2007 we rolled out Smart Energy, the first carbon offset program offered to customers by a gas utility. And in 2017 we launched our Low Carbon Pathway, with a goal to drive down carbon in our product and business.

This year’s Community and Sustainability report and website collects some of the many ways that we’re making a difference by living our values as a company and a community of employees.

I hope you will take a moment to learn more about the ways we’re committing to the future of this region, and helping deliver what comes next.


David H. Anderson
NW Natural president and CEO

David Anderson volunteering at Habitat for Humanity’s Executive Build program.

David Anderson, volunteering at Habitat for Humanity’s Executive Build project.

Impact Overview


Here are a few of the ways NW Natural makes a difference in the communities we serve.



Corporate Philanthropy

Shareholder contributions distributed annually


tents loaned

Supporting dozens of events and festivals in 2018

50 Bcf

renewable natural gas

Potential for RNG production in Oregon


miles biked

NW Natural participants in 2018 Bike More Challenge


Safety conversations

NW Natural’s Smell. Go. Let Us Know.® roadshow exhibit